#4 Writing Our First Python Program

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Writing Our First Python Program

Today we will write our first program in Python. I know you've been waiting to do this for so long. The goal of this tutorial is to help you create and run a simple Python program...

Let's get to the code and start writing our first Python program. Follow the following steps:

  1. Open your favorite ide and create a new file with a ".py" extension.
  2. Note that the file name must not match any module name
  3. After creating a new file, type print("Hello World")
    print("Hello, World!")​
  4. And then run your program.
  5. You will get the output as "Hello, World​!"
    Hello, World​!

This is our first Python program, and in this program, we only use the Print function. In this function, everything we pass between parentheses () with double or single quotation marks (as is) is printed (as is) on the screen. In upcoming tutorials, we'll be studying what variables, lists, classes are...

Try this Code on your own so that you will get some idea of how it works!

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